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THURSDAY 8 April 2021



The following designs provide eco friendly ideas for holding our flowers in place as alternatives to using floral foam.  They are reasonably inexpensive to create, easily portable and make great gifts – what’s not to like?!!!  Choose whichever design you prefer or, if you are a quick worker, why not do both?

  1.  TIED IN KNOTS In this stylish design the knotted Aspidistra leaves will provide the mechanics for holding your flowers in place.
    (This design can be done in a vase containing foam if you prefer).Approximately 5 Aspidistra leaves (these will be available to order at the March Demonstration.  Please put your names on the list with Sue Chell).1 x large Dracaena leaf (again this will be available to order at the March demonstration).

    Wet wipes for cleaning the leaves

    Supermarket bunch of flowers – single blooms such as roses, gerberas, irises, carnations are easiest to work with

    2 or 3 pieces of “soft, fluffy” foliage, e.g. Asparagus fern, Foxtail fern or rosemary for contrasting texture

    Optional – 2 or 3 palm leaves to add movement

    Twine to tie off the design and ribbon to top off if you wish

    Vase in which to place the completed design

    2.  ALL WIRED UP

    A really pretty little posy created through an attractive aluminium frame.  Gorgeous!  I recommend making a fairly small frame in the time we have available – perhaps suitable for a small vase or a large bud vase (approx 9 inches tall).  The aluminium wire with glass looks especially pretty.  This design is ideal for small bulb flowers, which last so much better in water.

    Sufficient flowers for your vase – for a small vase maybe e.g. a supermarket bunch of freesia, or small roses, spray carnations, small narcissi, blossom, or small spring flowers.  You do not need too many flowers as it is a shame to cover up your lovely wirework!

    Maybe a very small quantity of delicate foliage, such as pot plant fern leaves, tiny ivy trails or small delicate sprigs of garden foliage.

    Approximately one third of a roll of aluminium wife – you might even want to mix 2 colours for a really attractive effect.

    Decorative wire to tone or contrast with your aluminium wire.

    Small vase or bud vase (glass is nice)

    Please bring along your toolbox complete with scissors and wire cutters.

    I look forward to lots of creativity in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere!