Letter from our Chairman

Dear Members

What a year we have had and how we have missed our flower club meetings!

All I can say is stay safe in these difficult times and hope that 2021 brings an improvement in our circumstances.

Our January Annual General Meeting and February Workshop are cancelled.

The committee had a Zoom meeting to discuss next year’s subscription. As North East Area are subsidising the affiliation fees which we have to pay for 2021, and because we only held 3 meetings in 2020, we are only charging £5.00 per member, which we will collect when we can hold our next meeting. Anybody who was not a member in 2020 will have to pay the full 2020 subscription rate.

As we cannot hold our Annual General Meeting in January all officers and committee members will remain in post until 2022. This has been cleared with the North East Area.

Please have a look at the planned programme for 2021 and I will inform you when we can restart our meetings.

On behalf of the committee and myself may I take this opportunity to wish you a safe, happy and healthy 2021.

Kind regards

Carol Ibbotson